Basement FAQs

Do I need to waterproof my basement walls?

The answer to this questions depends on several factors, the slope of the lot, whether your basement walls are made from poured concrete or blocks, and its current condition. We will thoroughly inspect your basement walls and make a recommendation. We use Drylok to waterproof basement walls.

Do I need an egress door or fire stops?

Some township codes demand the inclusion of an egress door or fire stops. We only finish basements up to and beyond existing codes and will advise you of what is required in your area.

Can I install a wet bar at a later date?

If you a planning to have a wet bar sometime in the future we recommend that you have the plumbing roughed in so that it can be finished later.

I'm planning to have a home theater system with multi-speaker surround sound. Is this something you can help with?

If you plan to have a home theater system you may want to get us to install the cables as we finish your basement. For high-end systems, we will work with your home theater contractor to help make the installation as smooth as possible.

Will I need a new heating or cooling system?

There are several solutions for cooling and, more importantly, heating a basement. Your current system may be able to cope with the additional rooms in the basement and we would just tie into that. Alternatively, your current system could have an additional zone added to it. This new zone would control the climate in the basement independently of the zone controlling the rest of the house. Finally, a complete new system can be installed which is dedicated solely to looking after the basement. We will recommend the best solution for your basement and pocket.

Do I need a suspended ceiling systems or can I drywall the ceiling?

This depends on the amount of mechanical, electrical and plumbing hanging below the floor joist. In most cases we can relocate mechanical items and add access panels to allow for a drywall ceiling system. The suspended ceiling system will allow full access to all mechanical and for additional lighting in the future.
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